Philippe Berry

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philippe berry
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Philippe Berry (1956 – 2019) was born in a parisian family and was one of three siblings:  Richard, Marie- Claire and Philippe.

He attended the ESAG art school at 17 and later began his career in the textile and advertisement universe. He created his first film poster at 23: Il Faut Tuer Brigit Haas with Philippe Noiret and Jean Rochefort.

In 1989 Philippe Berry decided to devote himself to art only but he began to sculpt only in 1992 leading him to be exhibited at the FIAC in 1993.

Philippe Berry was since then asked to create exceptional pieces by major clients as the French embassy in Zimbabwe in 1998.


His work questions childhood, the real and the fantastic world. He employs bronze to inscribe these playful moments in history and eternity.