Jean Mas

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Cage a mouche
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Jean Mas was born in Nice in 1946.

 As a teenager he moved towards manual labor but he soon left it because of his body, not suited for these jobs.

 He then worked in Lyon where he discovered industrial factories and later in Algeria.


 The friendship with Ben Vautier had been the turning point of his artistic life: his love story with contemporary art got born.


The cage à mouche had been an idea at first: he talked about it to subvert people's small talks, then came the artwork, the original signifying object.

 The life of Jean Mas is characterised by artistic performances that challenge stereotypes, the public and cities’ balance.

His artworks traveled all around the world and have been exhibited in important museums and art events as the Art Center for Contemporary art in Busan (South Corea), the Biennale of Contemporary Art of  Sharja (United Arab Emirates),  the Méguro Museum in Tokyo (Japon), the Norton Museum of Art (Florida, USA) and the Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris).


Mas production is conceptual, philosophical, incisive and mythological for a sensitive and engaged public.