Muriel Matt

IMG_1354 copia
Love is all 120 x 100 cm
Sad so sad - copie
tenniswoman 80x80

Muriel Matt was born in 1976 in Rennes and is presently living in Nantes.  Her being able to hold and use a pastel stick even before  she could walk no doubts explain why her works are so deeply involved in a childhood world.


Her style consisting of naïve graphisms bursts alive through a firework of colours, driving to its uppermost the expressive qualities of acylic painting. Thus, its ability to make various and endless interprétations spring is quite astonishing !


At the crossroads of different styles - Tribal art, street art, pop art-  neither abstract nor figurative, these unique paintings are bound to attract and get along with any rule- and school free-people ; those who simply agree that, beyond all codes or conventions, happiness lies in the colours of life.



« I love painting people as they talk about the strange and fascinating encounter with the other : this feels like a look which can remove the veils over the soul. My portraits look like the people to whom I feel attracted : the authoritative colored personalities, contrasted, full of fantasy and relief, which take distances from the standards, tortured, battered but who never leave you indifferent. The eyes are purposely big and express curiosity, astonishment, the delight or the fear which a meeting with the other can create, with someone misterious, different or close to me…  these Levinas words perfectly marry my thoughts « meeting a person is to be kept awake by an enigma »