Fabrice Schleber

L'oiseau Blanc, 80 x 65 cm 2019
La Mue 116 x 89
La Passion; 80 x 65 cm 2019
Petite Fleur; 80 x 65 cm 2019
Le chat Boubou 116 x 89 cm
Le Secret; 80 x 65 cm 2019

Fabrice Schleber was born in 1969 in Cannes La Bocca. He began painting when he was six as he was excellent in art at school where colors took the lead over drawings. Since then he never stopped painting.
In 1994 painting became his definitive means of expression.. He traveled a lot but a journey to the Canary Islands was the one that made him discover pre-columbian and tribal art which became since then his major source of inspiration. Permanently dissatisfied, sensitive to the world, he lives deeply his feelings which he reproduces on canvas in osmosis with the cosmic energy.

His works are tormented and psychedelic, his technique is very varied with brushes, rollers, aerosols, scratching and other unexpected objects.