Patrick Vogel

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20180713_180613 BD

Patrick Vogel was born in 1953 in Troyes in the Aube.

Self- taught artist, he faces the enigmatic and plural reality of his time. Since he was a child, he was passionate by Arts, admiring contemporary artists for their creative adventure and their ability to observe; he likes sculpture without constraints, without dogmas, without borders, frozen in a perpetual questioning.


He suggests a primal and tribal art of Europe filled with  humanity and poetry, throwing secret bridges towards hope.

Cross-influences, affinities and emotions blend unconsciously, without freezing in the search for life. Inspired by everything, he has no need to define himself; growing up as a mature artist he didn't loose his timeless curiosity, the capacity for astonishment and wonder. Transcending different cultures, his universe is constantly recomposed. He likes to build the real everyday prosaic object in a mythological setting.